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We noticed a 'spat' recently (Spring/Summer 2018) between what is obviously a fake reviewer and the management / owners at the Meridian bar restaurant in Ayrshire.

It demonstrates just how damaging fake reviews can be to a business, just take a look at the exchanges in July and August 2018, the petulant responses to these works of fiction as the owners are drawn in by the aggressor. One whose grammar is poor and has a review history lacking in activity although several 'thumbs up' most likely from their other fake profiles.

Our guess, young former employee with an axe to grind. Thing is though, the venue even lay the accusation themselves that one review is fake (they call it a fake review alert in a response) and then there are a number of very positive reviews, similarly by new members with little or no review history. Playing them at their own game perhaps? This is something we reckon TripAdvisor need to improve their performance and user protection in relation to, it's why we're here...
These guys even write fake reviews for themselves, one fake Trip Advisor new member joins in January 2019 and writes two reviews for venues owned by the same person and then makes a schoolboy error using the word 'We' suggesting they are not a customer but a member of staff instead.

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