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One of the most common question on Trip Advisor is about whether to hire a car or use public transport on holiday and "How much will UBER cost?" for this trip.

There's a really easy answer to this and the first thing you need to find out is whether a 'Ride' from one of these online companies such as UBER is available in your destination. We recommend visiting the provider website directly such as UBER and for this article that's who we'll stick with, there will be other options if they are not operating in your destination city yet.

The first thing to do with UBER is to Get A Fare Estimate by simply entering your pick up location and destination.

Prices can vary thanks to the 'Surge' model they use to increase the cost at busy times. Try waiting and rebooting the app if this happens to you, as quite often prices come down as fast as they go up. You'll find choices of vehicle named X, XL and EXEC which are as simple as they sound, X=Standard, XL=SUV etc. and EXEC=Executive or Town Car. The bigger the more expensive but in certain cities you can also obtain a Ride Share, the driver might pick some other people up on a detour route but you share the cost with those passengers for the journey and UBER works it all out. Simples.

Although quite limited in availability at the moment is UBER WAV or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle sometimes also called UBER Assist. Whilst never that clear the WAV product is aimed at those requiring a forward facing wheelchair vehicle and Assist is for those needing a little help or more room for good access, perhaps due to reduced mobility for example.

We've travelled from SoBo Miami to Downtown for under $10 with RideShare and from International Drive in Orlando down to Champions Gate for $20, it's safe to say that every time, every time it's been much cheaper than the local taxi.
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