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What are sites like Jack’s Flight Club about and how can you save money?

Jack's Flight Club is the UK's leading cheap-flight finding service, that notifies members about ridiculously low priced flight deals to destinations all over the world. This is not just saving a few quid on flights but typically the average saving on a return flight is over £400 per ticket!

Some recent RETURN flight deals include;

London to Tokyo: £248
Manchester to Peru: £319
Birmingham to Melbourne: £441
Inverness to Hawaii: £289
Manchester to Las Vegas: £199
London to Havana: £225
Dublin to New York: £163

Since launch just in 2017 they’ve grown quickly to over 800,000 members in the UK and Ireland, receiving fantastic feedback and they’ve been featured in national media by the likes of The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent, Stylist, Time and Lonely Planet. As well as breakfast television...

This is not a flight comparison site but instead they scour the web, navigate complex flight matrices and strategically search a multitude of sources for massive flight ticket price drops or pricing errors. Whenever a new deal becomes available, they make sure paid up members are the first to know and then free members. Ah so that’s the catch you say?

At currently just £35 per year compared to what you could save, multiplied by the number of tickets you might be buying we think it’s a great deal. And there’s a free membership option, try before you buy and whilst you may miss out on certain time sensitive deals you will be able to view expired fares. You’ll also learn about other ways to save such as ‘fuel dump’ fares...

Intrigued? Then click here to find out more and sign up for a free account.

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