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By tafr_admin
Perhaps you are already aware or indeed a member of a Loyalty Scheme with a leading brand such as Hilton and have worked your way through the tiers, at considerable expense but what if we could reveal a fast track way to reach the highest level of Hilton Honors.

It’s not a well known method, until now, that existing members at Diamond membership level can invite anyone to a ninety day trial at Diamond level with all the benefits. These can include free breakfast, free executive lounge access (where available) which of course offers free drinks and snacks as offered, complimentary upgrades to a suite if available and other incredible perks. Don’t worry if you don’t know someone with this because eBay usually has listings from people offering invites and quite often under £15/$20 in price.

All you do is sign-up to Hilton Honors even if you already have an account. An upgrade invite can only be performed once per account, so just before every future stay you can open another new HH account and still be eligible, subsequently you may then merge the new and existing accounts to benefit from accrued points etc. Do it every time. Alternatively eight stays during the ninety day trial gives you a year of Diamond status, this is unlikely though unless you are a business traveller etc. and wouldn’t be as economic as just buying a new invite.

Be aware that you must book directly with Hilton to qualify for member benefits. Also don’t forget to check out the membership benefits of Diamond level and enjoy your stay.

Allow about a week for the upgrade to be processed before your stay which you can book beforehand if you wish, a flexible rate can be rebooked later.

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