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Perhaps you are already aware or indeed a member of a Loyalty Scheme with a leading brand such as Hilton and have worked your way through the tiers, at considerable expense but what if we could reveal a fast track way to reach the highest level of Hilton Honors. Where the benefits can include free breakfast, free executive lounge access (where available) which of course offers free drinks in the exclusive lounge and snacks as offered, complimentary upgrades to an executive room or suite if available and other incredible perks. Don’t worry if you don’t know someone with this benefit, we can usually help...


All you do is sign-up to Hilton Honors even if you already have an account. Then select one of the options below, remembering to add your new Honors number within the order form and the HH account holder name if different from your PayPal account, you know, like Joe Bloggs... Then we'll take care of the rest and if in the rare event the upgrade is unsuccessful we'll refund 100% of your order. The process takes anything between seven to fourteen days.

Be aware that you must book directly with Hilton to qualify for member benefits. However you still don't need to pay full price, you can also use the Best Price Guarantee method to save 25% from the lowest advertised qualifying price shown on most third party booking sites. They'll try their best to 'wiggle' out of the promise but follow our guide for advice.

Once the upgrade has been processed just book your room, you can book beforehand if you wish, a flexible rate can be rebooked later. To compare the ‘value’ on offer look at your chosen room options in the hotel you selected, note down the room only price for a standard room and then an executive room / suite with breakfast. So which status upgrade should you choose? Here's what we think...

Gold Direct will offer you almost everything you'd want (see the comparison table above) and note that the upgrade will last for at least a year, often a good bit longer and there's no qualification stays during the initial period. It depends upon the time of year you upgrade and this changes often, it's not a trial it's a direct upgrade and the only difference is no guarantee of lounge access which includes free drinks at defined times which vary by hotel and highest priority to be upgraded to a suite. You still get a free breakfast which can have considerable savings and often when upgraded to an executive room (just one of your benefits), they throw in lounge access too. Do you need more?


Diamond Trial is the penultimate in status, you will get lounge access and everything you get with Gold but you are highly likely to receive a suite at check-in. The downside is that the benefit expires in just ninety days unless you have eight stays during that period, with only four you'll still be given Gold but you could just buy the direct upgrade instead. Why the Diamond option might be right for you is that say for example you're staying in an expensive city such as Venice (Italy) where rooms can cost a fortune. A suite would normally be out of reach, not now and those drinks are available to you for nothing in the lounge plus many hotels offer additional benefits. Got just one trip coming up, want to see how the other half live then this is the one to buy...

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